Frequently Asked Questions

Questions Answers
What is the maximum run time? 6 hours
Does it have an app? Yes, IOS and Andriod apps are free to download. However, all functionality is available on the 5 Inch touch screen on the top of the cobot
What level of filtration has the machine got? Hepa H13 – so it cleans the air as well as the floor
What's the maximum coverage for a charge? 1,000 Squared Metres
How long will it take me to scan an area? Typically it takes no more than 60 seconds – the machine will scan the area by itself and then it’s base
How do I know when to change the filter? This clever cobot will tell you. Not only that it will let you know when to change the rollers and side brushes too
Do I need to pay extra for the charging station? The charging station is included for full automation as standard
How powerful is the suction? 20,000Kpa, what does that mean? It’s more powerful than any other battery powered machine on the market
Do software updates cost me money? No – This cobot’s software updates are free
How do I update my cobot’s software? Once the machine is connected to wifi. Updates are automatically installed over the air for the life of the machine